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Im just basically an adventurous person. Im interested in music, travel and business. Cooking makes my day. Im easy to be with and i allow myself to learn from different people. Blogging is also one of the new habit im starting to enjoy through which i am able to express my thoughts and ideas through it. Im an expressive person and i respect other people's beliefs. I find my life challenging and full of opportunities and that makes me excited.

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Year of the Ox

According to the web dictionary an OX is an adult castrated bull of the genus Bos; especially Bos taurus. Acoording to Chinese calendar this year 2009 is considered as a year of the Ox. There are several predictions again. The Ox, or the Buffalo sign symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work. A person born in the year of the Ox is believed to be patient and tolearant person with a very strong character. A buffalo is a hardworking animal and very tolerant which is also being related to the people born on this year. If you are born on the year of the Ox you might want to learn more about yourself. I researched this article and i want to share it to you because i found it very interesting specially that it has relevance to our time, the year 2009.

The Sign of the Ox

Invariably solid and dependable, Ox people are excellent organizers. Oxen are systematic in their approach to every task they undertake. They are not easily influenced by other's ideas. Loyalty is a part of their make-up, but if deceived they will not forget. Oxen do not appear to be imaginative though they are capable of good ideas. Although not demonstrative or the most exciting people romantically, they are entirely dependable, and make devoted parents. Oxen are renowned for their patience, but it has its limits - once roused, their temper is a sight to behold.

People born under the sign of the Ox or Buffalo usually have strong codes and work ethics. This can lead to a tendency to be a workaholic, and they should make an effort to relax more. Ox people are usually strong and robust, and according to ancient wisdom, they should be blessed with long lives.

The Ox home is his castle where he finds relaxation and peace from the everyday hustle and bustle of his career or responsibilities. He also enjoys spending much time in planting gardens and trees. He generally prefers to decorate his home comfortably with nature colors.

Able, ethical and aware, co-workers of the Ox can depend on their eyes for details. Because they are so well-organized, they are better-suited for specialized positions and prefer to work in large companies. They work best when they work alone since they can be unhappy when participating in a large group.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Your Personality...Your Pet

Do you ever realize that the things that you love and you posses have a reflection of what your personality is? Things like your clothes and collections speak about what you are, they resemble your character and personality. It is also the same way with having a pet. A pet is an animal you show your affection and consider as your companion. I have few lists about your pet and your personality below, it would help you evaluate yourself somehow or help you choose what type of pet you need to have that would match with your personality.

1. If you are an active person and always have high energy your pet would be small that you can bring anywhere you go. A gecko or ferret would be perfect match. A fish is an option too.

2. If you are energetic and active in sports person, your pet would be an active dog like Labrador. An iguana and snake are also matched with you.

3. If you are a homebody and laid-back person, your type of pet is a lovebird, fish in your aquarium or a turtle. That would be perfect.

4. If you are a person who loves to travel and do out of town, your perfect match is a poodle or Chihuahua. They can travel long way and are mostly allowed in airlines.

5. If you are a full-nester and loves to party in your house your pet would be cats, hamster, guinea pig and birds too.

Who are you among the Pictures???

Monday, November 24, 2008

Basic Training for your Dog


How your dog does behave? Does he need some obedience training? Well if your dog is starting to be your headache then it is time to think about training him of basic obedience such as coming when called, sitting, where to poop and not chewing rubbers. These trainings require more patience. You can’t teach a dog two things in one day. You let the dog get used to your instruction and practice it day by day until it registered already in its memory. First of all socialize him and bring him to places where he can see people around. A good way of training a dog is once it did something good or obeyed what you asked, then reward it like giving him food. Like humans, dogs are also longing for companionship and affection. While on training, you must still show affection and patience to him and never let him feel scared. There are many techniques in training dogs; one is the leash and collar training which I will explain later on. This is the main type of training and considered as traditional. First you should understand basic tips in starting to train your dog. Here are few tips for you;

  • Show that you are the leader in your human-dog relationship.
  • Let the dog understand or know those unacceptable behaviors like chewing your slippers.
  • Enforce a command and don’t let him ignore it.
  • Don’t be too hard or strict in enforcing the command while on training.
  • Reward him for every good behavior or every time he obeyed you to make it clear to him those acceptable behaviors.


Start training your dog when he is still a puppy. First, you should pick a non-choking type of collar and leash. At first, you put the leash on your dog for just few minutes and let him wander with freedom (loose leash). Do it like 3 times in a day so he’ll get used to it. Then, start restricting your dog from wandering around and let him follow your direction. Later on the dog will learn how to be a “walkies”, which means that he walks with you without pulling the leash or trying to run away. When he’s done with that training, you can now start teaching him how to sit. Take all of the leash in your right hand then place your left hand on your dog's rear. Jerk up on the collar and leash with your right hand; push down on the dog's rear with your left hand while giving the command "sit". Give praise after your dog sits. Repeat each time you stop walking. Then teach him how to stay or remain in his place. Position him into a sit place then stand up facing your dog for just a short distance. Now be ready when he starts to move away without your signal. If he tries to do so catch him and say “No! Bad Dog.”, then reposition him then leave him for 10 counts and give a signal using your left hand facing down and say “stay”. Then do it over and over again every day. With this technique your dog is starting to know how to wait for your command and signal and you can already teach him more. Use just single or two words for command so that he would easily recognize and memorize it. I hope this helps you in dealing with your dog’s behavior.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How do you treat your pet?

A pet is any kind of animal that is domesticated and kept for companionship or amusement. It becomes an object of affection to people. There are so many kinds of pets; you can’t believe that even a pig is kept as pet by some people. Aside from dogs, cats and fish there are also called exotic pets. Some examples of those exotic ones are turtle, geckos, chameleons, Chinese hamster, crabs, leopard, snails, tortoise, African dormice etc. There are so many of their kinds and they are that expensive. Every pet or animal has different behavior and characteristic that people should consider. According to their kinds, pet lovers should understand how to train and take care of them.

The most common pet in the world is puppy. Everyone would love to hug a cute and hairy puppy. They are not just animals but puppies are also intelligent and easy to train. Some researchers measured the intelligence of puppies. They said that the nerve cells in pups' brains are not fully developed until 4 weeks of age and visual centers are not up to speed until 7-8 weeks of age. Some senses are not fully developed until some time between 4 and 8 weeks and adult coordination may not be attained until the juvenile period is reached. One thing also that pet lovers should consider is every kind or breed of puppies has different intelligence level. It was studied that the right period to measure puppy’s IQ level is between 7 to 12 weeks old. There are many ways to measure their intelligence that we can research over the net. One example is you can buy Pooch IQ kit in pets store or order it online and it will determine how smart your puppy is. You’ll be surprised by the result, it’s amazing.

Now to train your puppy you need to start from the basic like basic obedience command. One thing that is very effective is to start socializing your puppy in its first to four months age, bring it to places where there are different things to see around and different sounds like the sidewalk, the beach or parade. Then start training it with the basics like simple obedience. Teach your puppy not to chew electric wires or rubber stuff like your thongs, give it reward for its obedience and treat it with gentleness. Don’t force it into the crate, use positive reinforcement and communicate to the puppy in the manner that they will understand. It is also good to have a regular veterinarian for your puppy and have it checked regularly.

It is very important to understand how to treat your pets and how to take care of them. Animals don’t have like human IQ level that they will pick up what you teach them fast. Patience is very important in having pets like puppy. Pets are our companion and friend; they give us happiness and comfort and teach us how to express our emotions. If you have a pet and you treat it nice, then it is as good as having a true friend.