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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How do you treat your pet?

A pet is any kind of animal that is domesticated and kept for companionship or amusement. It becomes an object of affection to people. There are so many kinds of pets; you can’t believe that even a pig is kept as pet by some people. Aside from dogs, cats and fish there are also called exotic pets. Some examples of those exotic ones are turtle, geckos, chameleons, Chinese hamster, crabs, leopard, snails, tortoise, African dormice etc. There are so many of their kinds and they are that expensive. Every pet or animal has different behavior and characteristic that people should consider. According to their kinds, pet lovers should understand how to train and take care of them.

The most common pet in the world is puppy. Everyone would love to hug a cute and hairy puppy. They are not just animals but puppies are also intelligent and easy to train. Some researchers measured the intelligence of puppies. They said that the nerve cells in pups' brains are not fully developed until 4 weeks of age and visual centers are not up to speed until 7-8 weeks of age. Some senses are not fully developed until some time between 4 and 8 weeks and adult coordination may not be attained until the juvenile period is reached. One thing also that pet lovers should consider is every kind or breed of puppies has different intelligence level. It was studied that the right period to measure puppy’s IQ level is between 7 to 12 weeks old. There are many ways to measure their intelligence that we can research over the net. One example is you can buy Pooch IQ kit in pets store or order it online and it will determine how smart your puppy is. You’ll be surprised by the result, it’s amazing.

Now to train your puppy you need to start from the basic like basic obedience command. One thing that is very effective is to start socializing your puppy in its first to four months age, bring it to places where there are different things to see around and different sounds like the sidewalk, the beach or parade. Then start training it with the basics like simple obedience. Teach your puppy not to chew electric wires or rubber stuff like your thongs, give it reward for its obedience and treat it with gentleness. Don’t force it into the crate, use positive reinforcement and communicate to the puppy in the manner that they will understand. It is also good to have a regular veterinarian for your puppy and have it checked regularly.

It is very important to understand how to treat your pets and how to take care of them. Animals don’t have like human IQ level that they will pick up what you teach them fast. Patience is very important in having pets like puppy. Pets are our companion and friend; they give us happiness and comfort and teach us how to express our emotions. If you have a pet and you treat it nice, then it is as good as having a true friend.


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