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Im just basically an adventurous person. Im interested in music, travel and business. Cooking makes my day. Im easy to be with and i allow myself to learn from different people. Blogging is also one of the new habit im starting to enjoy through which i am able to express my thoughts and ideas through it. Im an expressive person and i respect other people's beliefs. I find my life challenging and full of opportunities and that makes me excited.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Your Personality...Your Pet

Do you ever realize that the things that you love and you posses have a reflection of what your personality is? Things like your clothes and collections speak about what you are, they resemble your character and personality. It is also the same way with having a pet. A pet is an animal you show your affection and consider as your companion. I have few lists about your pet and your personality below, it would help you evaluate yourself somehow or help you choose what type of pet you need to have that would match with your personality.

1. If you are an active person and always have high energy your pet would be small that you can bring anywhere you go. A gecko or ferret would be perfect match. A fish is an option too.

2. If you are energetic and active in sports person, your pet would be an active dog like Labrador. An iguana and snake are also matched with you.

3. If you are a homebody and laid-back person, your type of pet is a lovebird, fish in your aquarium or a turtle. That would be perfect.

4. If you are a person who loves to travel and do out of town, your perfect match is a poodle or Chihuahua. They can travel long way and are mostly allowed in airlines.

5. If you are a full-nester and loves to party in your house your pet would be cats, hamster, guinea pig and birds too.

Who are you among the Pictures???


teguh said...

I like are pet, and I have two kind of pet,among : cat, and fish ( arwana ), it' very beautiful.but keep about their health so that avoid virus.

anthony said...

cute blog about pet..nice

here is my blog also: Some Folks To Remember

Mr. Wilson said...

did you know that pets can help you live longer..heheh..please visit my blog..and do the same..